What to Expect of the Security System for Apartment Residents

Though this town is great, even in St. Louis it’s important for renters to install a security system for apartment protection. Experts say that apartment renters are just as likely and perhaps even more likely than homeowners to be the victims of a property crime. Parents with baby and mother with cell phone 89791804So, despite the fact that it is important to have faith in humanity you might want to make sure you take precautionary measures to protect yourself from them. The problem of course is the fact that many apartment owners or management companies do not want to allow their residents to install permanent features like a security system. So how can renters protect themselves from thievery and property crime? Well, the best advice we could give is to protect yourself in layers. Let’s talk about what you should expect of your security system for apartment safety.

Level One- Natural Location

The best thing you can do for security in apartment living is choose your neighborhood and apartment wisely. Even if you are driven by a very specific budget there are ways to select safer neighborhoods. Make sure that as you search you choose apartment complexes that show a priority for your safety. For example, apartment complexes with gates and security by the parking lots show their residents that they will make an effort to assist with protection. Visit the complex at night and during the day, look for things like well-lit public areas and security cameras. Also if you can choose an apartment that is not on the first floor, you don’t want to carry your groceries up, but burglars don’t want to have to carry your possessions down.

Level Two- Physical Security

file3161296947432Physical security is made up of those defenses that are naturally the first protection against a burglar. If your natural location or security cameras do not deter them then it’s going to be the physical security that holds them off. It is important to check the doors and locks of the apartment. Because with apartment locks you never know who has a key, ask if you can install new locks, and make sure to install a quality deadbolt. Also check for locks on all the windows and make sure the main door is solid core.

Level Three- Electronic Surveillance

This is the level that most apartment dwellers don’t believe they can achieve. Electronic surveillance includes cameras, motion sensors, glass break detectors and door sensors. Though many security companies won’t provide contracts to apartment renters because of the instability of your living conditions there are some companies that will. These are companies worth working with for 24 hour monitoring. Without a security company you can still devise your own security and because of wireless security systems most apartments shouldn’t be bothered. Utilize a camera for the front door and window sensors for the windows in the apartment. Hook up your system, sync it to your phone with a remote access app and you can enjoy the security you deserve!

If you’re looking for apartment protection just remember 3 levels of security!