The Guide to a Security System for Renters

What options are there when it comes to finding a security system for renters? When someone else owns the home you are living in you often can’t just install a security system with all the bells and whistles. The problem is that St. Louis suffers from a crime rate of nearly 89%, which means you have a chance of 1 in 14 that you will suffer from a break-in or theft. Yet homes with a security system are 300% less likely to be victims of burglary compared to homes without a security system.On duty 147071231 So how can you enjoy the same protection as homeowners who can install a security system into your home and enjoy the real peace of mind that comes with this protection? There are two main options for renters who want to protect themselves and their families. These options are: Wireless security systems through a professional security company, and well-maintained physical securities.

Well-Maintained Physical Security

Renters make up a large percentage of the population, and of course the situations vary. If you rent and live in an apartment complex you’ll have much less property responsibility than if you rent a house. Either way there are physical securities that can be taken care of and regularly tested to make sure you are safe.459838_35454449 Doorframes and deadbolts, for example, are often forgotten in the care of a home, but if improperly installed they are easy to force open. Window locks should close on every window in the home and for those times when you want to enjoy pleasant ventilation through the windows get secondary locks so they can’t be opened beyond a certain point. Lights are important! You want to make sure that homes you rent have motion activated floodlights installed so that at night you are not an easy target. You also want to make sure there are lights above any entrances into the home. Replace any burned out bulbs as soon as they burn out. Finally, physical security can be supplemented with fake security window decals and fake security cameras. For some renters this is all the security they desire and it is effective.

Professional Security Company

Though most renters don’t know it there are professional security companies out there that want to provide you with real protection. These security companies are industry leaders such as Frontpoint, LifeShield, Protection 1, and Protect America. They provide the benefits of full security monitoring and response time with special packages that are made to be easily installed and then uninstalled and moved. Some of these companies can provide unobtrusive systems for your protection utilizing wireless cellular or Internet systems and month-to-month service.134942482 Just like any other security package they might provide cameras, motion detectors and door sensors. These systems are easily moved when that time comes for you, but until then they are sturdy and reliable. These plans are convenient for renters. Designed specifically for your needs they are affordable with some costing less than $15 a month.

As renters you have a choice to make, you can let the crooks walk all over you, or you can defend yourself with great physical security and a professional monitoring service you can trust!