Rules of Security Systems for Small Business Owners

One of the greatest concerns for the working St. Louis entrepreneur is understanding how to design security systems for business protection. Woman in home office using computer talking on telephone 120909072As a small business owner much of work is a matter of forward thinking, making sure that you’re protecting your property (intellectual and physical), your employees, and your reputation so that you can continue to grow and flourish where you’ve been planted. As the many demands upon your time take your attention away from the most basic elements of business your security should never be overlooked. It’s important that you have put in place a business security system that will truly help protect what’s important to you so that you can focus on present action and forward growth. In order to get the security system you want, we’ve compiled some of the rules that every business owner should obey if they want to know they have full protection from business security.

Rule #1- Always Put Security Over Aesthetics

Getting the lease to your new office is a wonderful thing! And for many business owners it means being thrown into plans for office layout, design and decoration. Do you want to be contemporary chic, or granola, or should everything be art deco- but before you become obsessed with the aesthetics of your office building you need to design your security system. Security should always be a bigger priority! Never fall for the idea that your security should be hidden- security cameras are literally half the battle for your security because they are such powerful deterrents.

Rule #2- Educate Yourself About Your Security System

1257832_97691437Business owners often shunt the work of understanding how the security system is going to function to their security company, but unless you have hired guards to be onsite your security company isn’t going to be there day to day to protect you and help you keep things running properly. Take the time to understand how the cameras are going to work, how the motion detectors and alarms will function, how to arm the system and how to disarm the system. You should be almost as much of an expert on home security as the people you are paying.

Rule #3- Never Too Much or Too Little, Keep it Just Right

For some successful businesses there is the constant pressure to keep up with the growth of the company. This pressure can cause you, and those helping you install the security system, to overestimate and underestimate the amount of security you install. Be careful not to jump the gun on the needs of the business and buy the largest package your security company offers. You should also be careful not to underestimate your growth and future needs for security, if you’re adding onto the office soon consider the devices you’ll need as you add on.

Rule #4- No One Is Above Security

The final rule is that no one in your business should be above security. If you are going to require people to wear security badges then EVERYONE needs to. When you allow people to get away with not following the rules the line will continue to slip until it has gone too far.

Protect your business by drawing clear lines of your security expectations and holding yourself to them.