3 Layers to a Quality Security System For Home and Family

Though most St. Louis security companies put a fairly significant emphasis upon an electrical security system for home and family protection there’s more to really quality security than the devices that you use. Devices and technology have brought for many people a real sense of control over their security– that extra level of protection and prevention– but technology is nothing if you don’t have all your layers organized.  That’s right, the best security system St. Louis homeowners have at their disposal a matter of layers put in place to protect yourself. It’s super easy to utilize common sense and good habits to really control your security.

Your First Layer: Natural Security

1429204_74570137Natural security refers to the process of surveying your property with an eye specifically attuned to the message you’re sending to criminals. From the way you cut your lawn to the trimming of your bushes and foliage the first warning to burglars is going to be in your declaration of care. Not kidding, when criminals see that you have good habits: keeping your yard clear of toys and tools, keeping bushes trimmed beneath the windowsill, and keeping your home nicely painted and in good repair- you send the message that you are paying attention! They don’t want you to pay attention, they prefer homes where things are slightly unkempt and chances are no one will notice their arrival.

Your Second Layer: Physical Security

Cavemen pushed boulders over their cave entrances, castles had their moats and you are armed with a DEADBOLT! Don’t underestimate the power of your front door and backdoor locks. Most home entry happens through the main entrances of the house and the best protection you have are strong bolts that will slow them down or even stop the burglary entirely. Locks should also be kept on every window in the home, first and second floor! First floor windows make up 23% of the break-in entry and second floor windows make up around 2%.

Your Final Layer: Electronic Security

When you have established good habits like good home care and proper physical security then the final step is your electronic security system. Typing alarm code 187979771There are devices that have been made to help protect by monitoring your home, being the eyes in the back of your head, being everywhere you can’t be all at once. Many homes in St. Louis use security cameras to protect their front and back yards, and to watch over the sides of the house where crooks might lurk. A camera and garage door sensor should be placed over the garage door since this also counts as an entry to the home. Glass break sensors “listen” for broken glass and motion detectors wait for movement in the room. With these devices standing sentry there is very little chance a burglar even wanting into your house, and even smaller chance of them getting away! For this final layer it is important to select a security company that you trust and who will provide 24 hour monitoring.

If you want to a security system for home and family protection start from the ground a build a customized and fully controlled security system with common sense and a good security company today!